Block Paving Cleaning & Patio Cleaning Bristol

When we clean block paving, we not only clean the surface of the blocks, we clean the joints between the blocks as well. If a significant amount of muck is not removed from the joints, weeds will quickly start to re-establish themselves, this is always very frustrating for homeowners and is why we make sure we do a thorough job time and time again.

Block paved driveways and patios are not only vulnerable to weed growth, but also if they are left unprotected the colour of the blocks will fade due to the effects of UV light from the sun.

We always recommend sealing block paving once it is clean and dry. When block paving is protected by a professional grade block paving sealer it is protected from surface wear, loss of colour and staining. By helping the sand in between the blocks set solid, this will also reduce weeds in the joints.

Driveway Cleaning Bristol

P&A Garden Maintenance are able to provide driveway cleaning in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Our prices are always competitive and we always strive for customer satisfaction. We have hundreds of happy customers across the Bristol area. Please take a look at our gallery for the high quality service we provide.

When you deal with P&A Garden Maintenance you have the peace of mind that you are working with an experienced company who are covered by full personal and public liability insurance.

We only use the best professional pressure cleaning equipment, this allows us to properly clean any type of driveway, quickly and efficiently without leaving any mess when we’ve left.

Decking Cleaning in Bristol

In the South West of England, with the prevailing wet weather and the very nature of wooden decking, regular cleaning of any type of garden decking is nearly always required. To maintain its appearance and to stop the decking rotting, once cleaned, the wood should always be oiled. Application of a quality decking oil will not only keep the wood in good condition, it will also help keep slippery, unattractive green algae at bay.

We are experts in the cleaning and re-oiling of wooden decking. By using professional decking cleaning equipment, we can properly clean decking, without risk of damage to the timber. After the decking is totally clean and free of green algae, two generous coats of a good quality decking oil are recommended. Regular application of decking oil will replenish the goodness in the timber to help protect against the elements and keep it looking good.