Lawn Turfing Bristol

We believe in giving our customers informed information allowing us to achieve the best results.

Laying turf for the cultivation of a new grass lawn will provide a quick way to achieve beauty within your existing garden environment.

P&A Garden Maintenance will provide an recommendation best suited to your gardens characteristic to ensure the turf in our Bristol turf installation service.

City and urban gardens in Bristol often suffer from light deprivation, poor drainage, insufficient ventilation and inadequate soil mineral levels. Any of the above can affect the growth of a newly cultivated lawn. We can help to improve your turf to make sure it gets everything needed to keep it lovely and green.

P&A Garden Maintenance will look at all the elements, and make the necessary adjustments where possible to ensure your lawn grows as it should.

We don’t just lay turf, we create an environment for your turf to stay healthy, grow and beautifully green.