Weed Control Services in Bristol

Have you allowed your garden to let it’s hair down? Do you need to get it sorted before your mother-in-law comes to visit? Get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help save the day.

Firstly, What is weed? – Essentially It is a wild plant, which grows where it is not particularly wanted.

Do you need help? Good news is that all our teams are well experienced and NPTC PA1/PA6 licensed specialists to clear your little wild meadow you’ve seen come out of nowhere. The target is not only eliminate these weeds but also to prevent them from growing back for up to 9 months.

There are various methods to remove weeds, including elimination using heat, herbicides, mechanical pulling, foam solutions and good old hand weeding. Stopping that weed spreading into cracks and crevices of hard surfaces  will save you and your building contractor money in the long run. For peace of mind we also offer mulch application service, which prevents weed growth and protects plant root systems during dry and cold weather conditions.